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Welcome to the newest chapter at The Inn on Gitche Gumee!

Owned by us - (the Brennan family!) - we purchased this boutique gem with a shared commitment to preserving its legacy and maintaining it as a retreat from the everyday noise of the world.

Reilly, a former Marine and Afghanistan veteran, spent much of his time at his grandparents' cabins - some nestled by the lake, others in the breathtaking Black Hills. Having grown up surrounded by the enchantment of these spaces, Reilly envisioned sharing that nostalgic sense of wonder with others. His partner and wife, Britney, a Clinical Therapist fueled by a passion for understanding people, joined him on this journey with enthusiasm.

As Minnesotans for the past decade and committed to the North Star State for the rest of our lives, we embrace a philosophy that the Inn on Gitche Gumee is a living, breathing entity, with the spirit of the North Shore woven into its very fabric.

Here, you're not just a guest; you're part of a narrative that respects the past, cherishes the present, and welcomes the future. Feel the warmth of a home away from home, where the property's heartbeat aligns with yours, and creates an unforgettable experience that quietly goes beyond the ordinary.

Embracing the unique character of our space, we want to let you know imperfections are not only expected - they're treasured, adding an authentic charm to your stay. Join us on our journey as we breathe new life into the beloved narrative of The Inn on Gitche Gumee.

Until we welcome you home again,

The Brennans